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Best Roofing Materials for a Warm Climate

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When people think of measures to keeping their homes cool when it’s warm outside, the first thing that pops into their minds is air conditioning. But the actual first line of defense against the unbearable heat is the roof. Therefore, to make sure that the roofing material that you will use is actually appropriate for a warm climate read the following lines to find out what are your best options.

Green or living roofs

Green or living roofs are the best roofing materials to go with both for keeping the house cool and to protect the environment. They incorporate a waterproof membrane that is filled with soil and vegetation. It cools naturally through the growth of greenery and the soil’s temperature. Also, green or living roofs release oxygen in the air. This contributes to the purification of the air, making it less toxic and harmful. In addition to the benefits that we already mentioned, green or living roofs have a lovely appearance, going great with any house design out there.

White flat tile

Another roofing material that is ideal for warm climates is the white flat tile. It ranks high when it comes to heat-reflecting and it’s long lasting. Although, don’t think that it’s all fun and games with this choice. White flat tile roofing requires upkeep to maintain its capabilities. Therefore, you have to power-wash the roof 1-2 times per year to keep it from becoming dingy. After all, it’s a small sacrifice to make if you want to stay protected from the heat. Aside from being efficient to keeping the house cool, white tile roofing will make it look very stylish as well.

Cool color concrete tile

Cool color concrete tile roofing has more than one advantage to its side that makes it a great choice to go with if you live in a warm climate. The cool color concrete tile roofing material is beautiful, fireproof, and porous. Concrete itself takes a long time to heat, and the specialized “cool colors” that they use for producing this roofing material increase the concrete’s efficiency considerably.

Terra cotta and clay

A preferred roofing material in European countries that have warm climates is terra cotta and clay. Modern clay tiles have paint treatments that improve their weatherproofing and reflective capabilities. Terra cotta tiles are able to keep buildings cool through their composition and shape. Therefore, it’s clear why the combination between the two is undeniably efficient when it comes to protecting your home from the unbearable heat.

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