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Clever Ways of Purifying Your Home’s Indoor Air

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While most of you only think about the outdoor pollution, you should know that indoor air quality is also a matter that should concern you and that it’s easier for you to take care of this aspect. If you are interested in this subject, continue reading our article to discover clever ways of purifying your home’s indoor air.

Air purifier

The most common and the easiest way of purifying the indoor air implies using an air purifier that can attract and retain all the contaminants in the air. From dust to smoke to chemicals to irritants, an air purifier can absorb a wide range of air pollutants that decrease the quality of your indoor air. Using an air purifier is safe even near babies as long as it doesn’t emit any harmful ozone particles that could affect the breathing system of babies. You can verify which air purifiers are safer, by reading some air purifier reviews. Good reviews can be found on


Although all the plants are known for their ability to create oxygen, some are even more effective in purifying the indoor air due to their ability to retain air particles. The famous Snake plant can do wonders for the quality of the air in your home, especially if you place it in the bedroom near your bed. Gardenias are also useful in cleaning the indoor air due to their multiple leaves that can retain dust and odor particles in the air.


Leaving the windows open in the morning is a clever way of purifying your home because the morning air is the freshest and cleanest of the day. Unless you live in a very polluted area, it’s a good idea to open the windows to let outdoor air replace the dull air inside your home. This method can also adjust the level of humidity in your house, which is a source of air pollutants.


Many air pollutants are created in dirty areas where dust mites and allergens thrive, so you should pay more attention to the cleanliness of your home if you want to ensure a pure air. Limit the use of chemical cleaning products that release toxins into the air and take care of dust mites using either a vacuum cleaner or a steamer that sanitizes while it cleans.

Ban smoking

If you have family members who are smokers or you are a smoker yourself, you should reconsider next time you allow lighting a cigarette indoors. Cigarette smoke is one of the top indoor pollutants that adds a large number of toxic fumes to the air you breathe at home. Therefore, if you want to start improving the quality of the indoor air, you should start by banning smoking indoors.

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