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Essential Considerations for Choosing a High Quality Mattress

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Sleep is one of the life pleasures of many people, and certainly, a good sleep is a necessity for us all. Obtaining perfect sleep depends on several factors, the most important one being the comfort of the mattress on which we rest. So in order to ensure optimal sleep, it’s essential to choose a good mattress. If you wonder what is the best mattress and how you can find it, you have come to the right place because today, we will provide you with some tips on how to choose one of the best-rated mattresses.

Spring vs memory foam mattress

The first step in choosing the mattress is deciding if you want one with springs, memory foam or latex, as these are the most popular. In order to choose a high-quality mattress, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each type and opt for the one that suits you best. In spring mattresses, the risk of spine deformation is smaller while for mattresses made of foam the risk of deformation is very high. It is important to know the degree of independence from the partner, if you don’t want to disturb your partner, you can choose the foam mattress, the spring mattress regardless of its quality could present a little vibration due to the spring. Instead, an advantage of spring mattresses is that they are ventilated better, which means that it”keeps” fewer bacteria and dust mites.

The latex mattress is the best choice

The best-rated mattresses are the ones made of latex and according to the MattressesReviews tests, these pose no risk to your health as they are not manufactured using chemicals that might irritate your airways nor they allow the spine to sit in an abnormal position during the sleep. If you are unfamiliar with these mattresses, you should know that latex is a natural or synthetic foam that provides a very good support for the body, making it a favorite for many people who are dealing with back pains or struggle with achieving a good night’s rest.
Latex benefits:

  • Latex is an innovative material with open cell structure that allows the total elimination of humidity that occurs during sleep;
  • Reduces pressure points due to softness and elasticity of this material;
  • Keeps resistance intact throughout the life of the mattress;
  • Latex mattress provides a very good ventilation;
  • Maximum comfort provided by the elasticity of the material

The mattress must be comfortable above all

The mattress should not be very soft. A very soft mattress can cause problems in the spine, the shoulders, pelvis, because it creates discomfort so it’s definitely not recommended. That does not mean you have to choose a firm mattress, without layers of comfort. If it is very hard, it can cause pain in the shoulders, spine, because this hardness does not ensure comfort and does not enable the individual to relax. So a good mattress should not be either too soft nor too hard. It must be sufficiently flexible to adapt to your body shape and help you maintain a correct position;

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