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How to Grow and Care for the Perfect Lawn

Posted by Categories: Garden

When winter passes and spring comes along, the madness of taking care of the lawn for it to be perfect begins, and the goal of having the perfect lawn can only be achieved if you take proper care of it. Therefore, if you want to learn how to grow and care for the perfect lawn, read the following lines.

Use the Honda HRX 217K5VKA lawn mower to get the best results

Nowadays there are countless lawn mowers on the market, and finding the most convenient one can be quite challenging. We did some research on the website in order to compare various mowers and see which is the most reliable and convenient one and according to the tests, Honda HRX 217K5VKA ranked the first. For the reasonable price of $600, you can own the magnificent, top of the line lawn mower, the Honda HRX 217K5VKA, making sure by using it that you’ll have the best results possible when mowing the lawn. This powerful walk-behind gas lawn mower gives the grass a smooth and even cut, all thanks to the professional MicroCut blade that has 4 cutting surfaces to provide with cutting your grass into finer pieces. The unit only weighs 96 pounds, and it has a 190cc engine that provides with the necessary amount of power to mow and mulch any type of grass. Also, this lawn mower is designed to allow you to control the amount of clippings that get left on the lawn after being eliminated through the rear discharge, giving you a choice that no other model allows you to make.

Apply fertilizer whenever it is needed

Instead of making the mistake of fertilizing more times than it’s needed, favoring the growth of the roots that make an appearance on your lawn, make sure to only fertilize twice per year, once in the early spring, and the second time at the middle of fall, by doing this favoring the growth of the grass itself. If you want to have a healthy and gorgeous lawn, we advise you to not use the classic fertilizers that you buy from the store and which contain a lot of chemicals, but rather use organic lawn care products, being a lot less likely for these fertilizers to do damage to the lawn if you didn’t apply them at the correct time.

Make sure to water regularly

You will have to fit in your tight schedule watering the lawn once every week if it didn’t rain since the last time you watered it. To increase efficiency, instead of losing time focusing on a single spot, it’s better to apply the water to the soil in two sessions. If you don’t want to spend your time watering the lawn every week, you can install a sprinkler system and set it to start operating once every week at the same hour, setting the amount of time in which the device will run as well, this way ensuring that the lawn will get the care that it deserves without you having to make an effort.

Rake the leaves once they pile up

The last thing you want to do when it’s autumn and the leaves are piling up fast is to rake them, but this is an essential step in lawn care. When you rake the lawn, you take away all the leaves, pine cones, seed pods, spent flowers, and twigs, these things blocking the sunlight from reaching your grass and caressing it in order for it to grow healthy. Also, you avoid an unpleasant situation like having to change the lawn mower because the blade got dull from handling the debris by raking the leaves and anything else off the lawn.

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