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5 Key Elements of a Zen Garden

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Every modern person craves for a personal oasis of relaxation, a space in which you can simply sit and admire the beauty of nature and take a deep breath of fresh air while eliminating all the bad thoughts that are haunting your mind. To be able to have this kind of place in which to relax, you have to create an authentic Zen garden, and only by reading the following lines can you find out what are the 5 key elements of creating such a garden in which to rejoice when you’re at home.

1. Rocks

Rocks are a vital part of creating the Zen garden, and as opposed to other types of gardens, where beauty is found in chaos, in Zen gardens it’s all about discipline, and this has to be reflected in the way in which you arrange the decorative elements as well. Therefore, be careful when positioning the rocks, placing them in groups of two, three, five, or seven, and paying attention to the height and width of each of them to place them as neatly as possible to create the perfect visual effect with they’re help.

2. Water

Water, especially in combination with rocks, is the perfect addition to a Zen garden. While you don’t have to flood the whole area with water, you should create a small pond, and place very tall circular shaped rocks that rise above the water to use them as a path to cross over from one side of the pond to the other without getting wet. Water is practically the yin to the rock’s yang, therefore you should make it a point out of combining these two elements to create the perfect ambiance.

3. Plants

All garden need plants, and the perfect plants that you should definitely use in your Zen garden are Lotus flowers, Japanese cherry trees, and Bonsai trees. Also, other greenery that you can try for your relaxing garden to give it the ideal Zen vibe are moss, rock cress, yew, Japanese maple, and creeping phlox.

4. Meditation space

By using the first key element that we talked about, placing some rocks in a beautiful and seemingly natural pattern, you can create a meditation space for yourself, a secluded place in the garden in which you won’t be bothered by anything else, and where you’ll be able to meditate in the company of nature. A meditation place is a key element of a Zen garden due to the fact that the term Zen implies relaxation, therefore don’t even think about skipping on this important step.

5. Pagoda style gazebo

No matter if you plan on sitting in the Pagoda style gazebo to simply drink your tea while breathing the fresh air that is surrounding you, or you simply want to admire the beauty of nature, you must make the before mentioned gazebo a mandatory addition for the Zen garden if you want it to be the perfect meditation space that you deserve, this being a key element on which you can’t skip if you want to stay truthful to the design. Buying one won’t cost you much, and it will provide you with a sheltered place in which you can stay even when the weather gets bad and it starts raining or snowing.

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