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Best Bathroom Storage Ideas

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The bathroom can easily get overcrowded, looking like a real mess. This is mostly due to bad organization and to the fact that in the morning everybody gets ready in a hurry, not having the patience to put everything back where it belongs. Therefore, to have an organized bathroom that will make it easier for you during your morning routine and if you want to gain some extra space, read the following lines to find out what are the best bathroom storage ideas.

Storage ladder

A very chic and unique storage option is to place a storage ladder in the bathroom. With this trendy addition you won’t only gain more storage space, but you will change the way your bathroom looks, being a spectacular change that will leave all your guests impressed of your design ideas.

Create shelving

You need shelves in the bathroom to place all the beauty gadgets and products that you use for them to be in your sight at all times. By creating shelving around the bathroom and positioning the ones on which you will place items you use daily like the electric shaver, your moisturizers, the brushes, and other beauty items, you will have easy access to them at all times, meaning that you’ll never have to go unshaved again out of the house because you couldn’t find your electric shaver in the mountain of beauty creams of your spouse.

Wall cabinets

In the bathroom you have to put every inch to use, and installing wall cabinets is the most stylish way in which you can take advantage of this unused space. You can place in them anything that you can think of, starting with the products that you use in the shower to the ones that you use when you shave, these cabinets being easy to access and extremely useful.

Costumized closet

A great addition for any bathroom, not only because it adds extra storage, but because it adds warmth to the environment as well, is a custom-made closet. This addition will be a fancy and discrete one, being the ideal storing space for all the things that you don’t want to be displayed like the rolls of toilet paper, and the ideal spot to place all the towels and robes in, these things normally occupying a lot of space.

Hide the sink with a skirt

To gain extra storage you can use the space under the sink, space where you can place all your cleaning tools and solutions, and which you can hide by putting up a cute skirt for these cleaning products to not be in bear sight. By doing this, you will always have your cleaning products at your disposal without them ruining the appearance of you bathroom.

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