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Best Space Heaters for big Living Rooms

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When the cold weather settles it’s time to think about efficient ways to heat up all the rooms, but when you’re faced with a big living room, it can get hard to find the ideal solution to warm it up. If you are looking for a space heater for your big living room and you want to make sure that the product you are buying is of the best quality, delivering on the promise to heat up your large space, read the following lines and choose one of these best space heaters.

EdenPURE Gen2 Infrared Heater

For $345 you can have the EdenPURE Gen2 infrared heater to use when you want to warm up your big living room, this model delivering when it comes to performance and having a stunning design that makes it the ideal addition to any living room design. The Gen2 infrared heater only weighs 12.5 pounds, being easy to move the unit around if you want to change its location, it has a very easy to use and intuitive digital display, you can control it from a distance with the help of the remote control that comes with it, it has a useful timer function, it comes with a Quiet Mode setting that you can opt for when you want to concentrate on your TV shows while still keeping the unit running, and most important of all, it’s not hot to the touch, therefore it’s ideal for households that have children or pets in them.

Dr. Infrared DR968 Space Heater

There are many types of infrared heaters on the market and we struggled a great deal of time in order to find the best one. However, we came across the, which helped us compare the best infrared heaters of the moment. We came to the conclusion that the Dr. Infrared DR968 space heater is the best choice, this model costing only $250 and providing you with the warmth that you need to make it through winter. It comes with a programmable thermostat, it automatically shuts off when it gets tipped over or when it overheats to ensure safety, it’s whisper quiet while operating, you can use the remote control that it comes with for your convenience, it’s safe to the touch, being ideal for those who have children or pets, and it has wheels to make the unit easier to transport from one place to another.

Vornado DVTH Whole Room Heater

For the small price of $100 you can have the stylish and innovative Vornado DVTH whole room heater in your spacious living room to use it when the weather gets bad to effectively heat up the room. This space heater is incredible easy to use due to its digital display that has push control buttons, there are 2 heat settings for you to choose from, either High or Low, it comes with a built-in timer, instead of simply blowing hot air, it circulates it to provide with better results, it’s a compact and silent unit, and the outer casting is cool to the touch, this space heater not presenting any danger for children and pets.

Lifesmart 6 Element Heater

Last on our list of best space heaters for big living rooms comes the Lifesmart 6 Element heater that you can own for the price of $200. This unit offers 3 heat settings for you to choose from, it comes with a remote control that you can use for your convenience, it’s cool to the touch, it looks incredibly good no matter where you place it due to its stylish design, it comes with a useful 12 hour timer, it has a digital display thermostat that makes it easy to use, and the air filter can be washed, not needing to be replaced.

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