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Clever Tips for Remodeling a Garage

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

The garage is seen by many as the place where they park the car. It can be a lot more if you make the right choices when remodeling it. Therefore, to gain more space for storing and to give your garage a new purpose, read the following lines to get some clever tips for remodeling this area.

Install the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive garage door opener

The Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive garage door opener is an addition to the garage that will change your life. If you read some reviews on, you will see that this device has the best price to quality ratio. It only costs $280 and it provides you with an easy way to open and close the garage door. It operates quietly, therefore, you can install it even if the garage is located under the bedroom. In the case of a power outage, the device will operate for 24 hours with the help of its rechargeable battery. The best part of the Premium whisper drive is that it’s compatible with the MyQ automation system. Therefore, you can control the garage door and monitor it even when you’re not at home with the help of your smartphone.

Add cabinets and high shelves

The high space of the garage shouldn’t be wasted. Instead of leaving it bare, add cabinets and high shelves to make the most of it. Put in the cabinets and high shelves that you install things that you don’t use very often and that don’t have to be in your reach. For example, you can store your camping gear and holiday decorations in the cabinets and high shelves. You only need them for a short period of the year, and when the time comes to use them simply take the ladder and get them down from where they are stored.

Spave-saving fold-down workbench

No matter if the garage is big enough for the car and a workbench, it’s still better to save more space if it’s an option. By installing a fold-down bench you can save space due to the fact that you will fold it when it’s not in use. The fold-down workbench is a safer solution to go with as well. If you have children, it’s smart to keep the space as clear as you can for when they run around the garage to not see them get hurt.

Store more on the walls

To be able to cram more stuff onto the wall and to save a lot of space, add a layer of 3/4 inches plywood over bare studs. It’s an inexpensive solution that you can use to increase the storage space. In addition, the garage will be better organized and it will have a neat appearance that it never had before you made the change.

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