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Colorful Small Kitchen Appliances that Are too Cute to be Real

Posted by Categories: Kitchen

Are you looking for a way to spice up the decor in your kitchen and make the atmosphere more enjoyable and relaxing? Then start by investing some colorful appliances for your kitchen. If you don’t know what appliances can suit your needs, you can take a look at these…colorful appliances that have an adorable design. So let’s get started.

Versatile mixer

Having a mixer around is very useful and it’s no wonder why these appliances got so popular in recent years. With a versatile mixer like the Ovente SM880R 6-Speed Professional you can mix cookie batter, knead dough and make all sorts of delicious pastry creams and even ice cream. Besides, you will love using it on a day to day basis to make delicious foods because it’s hard to resist this mixer in a cherry-red color. Other than having a fun design, the mixer is practical and easy to use, as it comes with a pouring shield to prevent making a mess in the kitchen.

Retro-style toaster

We love this tangerine toaster from Icona Blue. Although it has a retro, vintage design the Icona Blue 4 Slice Toaster – CTO4003B toaster comes with innovative features, so as the saying goes: you should never judge a book by its cover…even though this toaster looks too adorable to be real. It will be a pleasure to use it in the morning to make fresh and delicious toast that you can serve with butter or jam.

Cuisinart Aqua Stick Blender

The Aqua Stick is a 200-watt stick-style blender that is compact yet powerful enough to puree soups in just a matter of seconds. What’s great about using a handheld blender like this one is that you can use it to puree your ingredients right in the pot, so you don’t have to make a mess by transferring the ingredients in other container and use different accessories of your food processor. Besides, this stick blender has a cool design, so you will want to use it more often than necessary.

Coffee maker

If you want to make a refreshing and flavorful cup of coffee in under two minutes, you can use the Keurig Cherry-Red Brewer. This particular model has a compact and light-weighted design so it will fit perfectly on your kitchen counter, next to your other cute and small kitchen appliances. What’s great about this coffee maker is that it automatically turns itself off after sitting idle for 90 seconds, so that you can save electricity. Modern kitchens that need a stylish model will look stunning with the Delonghi ec702 expresso maker, a stainless steel unit that boasts an elegant design and resembles quality and durability, compared to the other unit made of plastic. Delonghi ec702 may not be colorful, but it’s so sleek and elegant that it will surely enhance the design of your kitchen.

Bread maker

A bread maker in an interesting design or a cute color can enhance the aspect of your kitchen, so you might want to take a look at the models available on If you want a bread maker that will stand out, the Panasonic SD-BMT1000-T is a good example of how a colorful and cute appliance can change the look of your kitchen. This functional bread maker includes 4 new menu selections but the most notable feature of the Panasonic bread maker is the “marble bread” setting which creates a marbling effect by distributing swirls of color throughout your bread.

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