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Crafting ideas for your home

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If you want to make the best out of your home, then you have to decorate it properly. The right accessories can make miracles, helping you create a welcoming space and a comfortable place for your family to hang out in. In case you have a limited budget, but you still want to accessorise your house, then you should start thinking about some crafting projects. Here are some simple suggestions you can implement without a lot of efforts and expenses:

  1. New curtains

If you love the way sun gets inside your house during warm days, then you definitely need to take care of your windows and decorate them with the most beautiful curtains. For innovative and neat results, buy craft ribbon, because you can use it in a wide variety of ways. One idea would be to tie many stripes one next to another, in order to make them look like a curtain. However, if you are not patient enough for this project, then just try to replace the rings holding the curtain with ribbon. Some nice bows will make the house look more joyful and welcoming.


  1. New vases and pots

Whether you need new vases for your living room, or new plant pots for your garden, you can always create them yourself, instead of buying them. This small project does not require too many materials: some jars, special painting and duct tape. The first thing you need to do is wash the jars and let them dry, then use the tape to make various designs on them: you can try stripes, stars or any other geometrical shape. The trick is to cover any part of the jar that you do not want to paint, then start spraying painting all around the glass, in an even manner. After a little while, you will be able to enjoy your new decorations.


  1. Beautiful wall art

Nowadays, you do not have to purchase a classic paining to bring art inside your home – you can actually hang everything you like on the walls, because no one will judge. So start framing your favourite family pictures, dreamy landscapes and even some of your own creations. These will look amazingly original in your living room or home office, especially since they add personality to the space. Choose a certain pattern (in terms of colour or design) and let your imagination fly!


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