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Create the perfect dressing room

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

You are daydreaming about your dressing room since you were a child. It would be fantastic to transform one of your rooms in a dressing; it would be the room where you can be alone with your thoughts, and where you will use your creativity to put together some amazing outfits. First, you have to be patient because it is not easy to get to that point. It is a process that takes time, and depending on the way you want the dressing room to look, it will also cost you a lot. You will have to find out strategies that allow you to optimise the space, and to design the room in a manner that will enhance your experience. With this in mind, you should check the following tips; they will help you create the perfect dressing space.

Cut down the clutter

Clutter can ruin your dressing room; you should make sure that the space feels serene when you enter the room. If there is too much mess, you can have the feeling that the space is dirty and you will not be able to utilize it at its best. If you have items you are not using at the moment, you should pack them in boxes and take them to one of the storage units London, you will have plenty of space to move freely. The purpose of the dressing room is to display your clothes and not keep them cluttered.

It is all about the atmosphere

When you enter the dressing room, you should feel at peace, you should feel relaxed and happy with yourself and your own body. Your dressing room will become your sanctuary; therefore, you want to make sure that it promotes a calming and relaxing atmosphere. You should use cushions and lush fabrics to decorate the space. Work with a soft colour palette, and add a light mirror in the centre of the room.

Focus on the light

You know how frustrating is to get dressed or put makeup on when the lighting is far away from decent. If you want to look flawless from head to toe, then you should make sure that the room has an adequate lighting system. Place the dressing table close to a natural source of light, if the room has windows, you should place it near one of them. If natural light does not enter the room, you should use spot lighting to enhance the light of the space.

Keep everything practical

The best way to create a functional dressing room is to keep everything at hand. You will need multiple styling tools, like curlers and hair dryers to style your hair, and all of them have to be connected to a power source to function. Install electrical sockets in strategic spots to make sure that you can use the tools when are standing at the dressing table. You should not ruin your experience by having your electrical sockets installed in a random corner, where you do not have a mirror to check what you are doing.