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Decorate your nursery with craft supplies

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

After finding that they are expecting a baby, parents to be cannot stop thinking about how to decorate the nursery for their little one. Some of them wait until they find the gender of the baby and decorate the room according to it, others do not have so much patience and start the process of transforming one of the rooms of the house as soon as they find out the happy news. The majority of them choose to decorate the room by their own, and not to hire a designer, because they see it as a way of showing their baby how much they care about him or her. In case you decided to do this by your own, you should know that you would need a lot of craft supplies because they make the difference between an amazing nursery and a simple room. Here are the main items you would need in decorating a nursery.

Graphic wall decals

You have the possibility to make your own wall decals for decorating the nursery. You only need some pieces of fabric, which could be easily found on craft supplies online stores. You can create whatever shape you want for the fabric you choose, and place them on the walls with different types of adhesive. Moreover, in case you decide that in time you want to get rid of them you will have no troubles in doing so.

Create an alphabet wall art

In case you start the decoration process before finding out the gender of your baby, you have the possibility to create a wall art instead of painting the room in a specific colour. In this way, you can keep the walls white, and choose different colours for every of the letters of the alphabet. You can make the letters from ribbons, glued glitter in different letter shapes, use jewels to create letters, or you could even create letters from card paper. In case you already know the gender of the baby, and you have decided upon a name, you can use different fabrics and crafts to create his or her name on the wall close to the crib. You can centre the name and surround it with embellishments in different models.

Use large quantities of ribbon

You might think that you do not need so much ribbon, but when you would take a look at the nurseries found online, you will see that ribbon is an accessory always present. It can be used to suspend the curtains, because you might need to let them down when the baby is sleeping, but when s/he is up you have to do your best to provide him or her as much natural light as possible. In addition, you could hang ribbon from the ceiling, and let it flow on the sides of the crib, to achieve a luxurious effect.  Ribbon could be used to create a yarn light fixture; you only have to dip the ribbon in glue, tie it around a balloon, let it dry and place a light bulb inside it.

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