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Design trends that everyone should follow in 2019

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

If you want to make a change in your home, you can start by getting informed about the current interior design trends, which tend to be very daring in 2019. Until now, the advice of specialists was to opt for pastel shades and colours that are not too funky, but in 2019, the accent falls on strong colours and DIY decoration items. Find below some of the main trends of the year set by international companies of interior design. It is up to you to decide whether the trends of 2019 converge your colour preferences, because you must look beyond the trends and add some personality to your house.

Frugal ideas and DIY projects

Finding fresh combos of colours, combining textures in a creative manner, reconditioning existing décor objects, and generally incorporating no costly ideas into the house decoration are some of the interior design rules of 2019. A dull space can turn into a trendy one, with a minimal budget and a lot of creativity involved. DIY projects play the main role this year, so make sure you buy as many products as possible for your future creative rushes. Curling ribbon, glitter of all colours, tinted paper – the list can go on and on, while sky is the limit for your imagination.

Natural stone and wood

It seems that much of the interior design trends for 2019 are inspired by the beauty of nature. Thus, natural stone and wood finishes are the new must-have in interior design. Marble and granite remain the most popular stones used in interior decoration, but for the cheaper variant, go for stone and wood as a combination. You won’t fail with this combination either and it will be much easier to handle the costs of your house reno.

Paying attention to small details

Talking about materials, handmade ceramic or glass cookware and any other type of handmade decorative item are finally in. Metal frames, as well as glass lighting fixtures, create a modern and refined visual effect, fitting perfectly into the trends of 2019. The simplicity of the lines and shapes of the furniture is another rule to be followed this year. Geometric designs, clean and elegant, with slightly curved angles – all these elements of the Scandinavian minimalist style are inspired options for interior design at the moment. Metal furniture can give your house a unique look when it encompasses wood elements and soft upholstery.