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Easy remodel ideas for a small bathroom

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A small bathroom is a problem that goes beyond aesthetic matters. It is a functional matter, and owner struggle oftentimes to find an appropriate remodel idea that allows them to maximise the available space. This is when the necessity of a bathroom renovation performed by a specialised company occurs. However, there are certain parts that require some attention from the owner’s part as well. Below we have some great bathroom remodel idea that will allow homeowners maximise a rather small space.

1. Add additional storage space

The main issue in a small bathroom is that oftentimes the necessary storage space lacks completely. This is why owners have real issues in organizing their bathrooms in a functional fashion. When in need of some extra storage space, search for a company that is specialised in home remodelling projects and ask them to assess the available space. They will come with witty solutions for what you have and they will allow you to create the space that you need to organise bits and pieces that are mandatory in a bathroom: towels, cosmetic products, detergents and so on. Also, they will adapt the colour scheme of the furniture that will be installed to your preferences, but also to the bathroom’s general design.

2. The right colour palette will make space appear larger

If your bathroom is not particularly roomy, you want at least to create the illusion that it is. For this, you must pick the perfect colour palette. Ask your remodelling expert what their opinion is and adapt it to your preferences. Fear not, a great contractor will always take into account their clients preferences when proposing a colour palette, so don’t be afraid to have an open conversation with the team. Together you will certainly find a solution that meets both necessities. However, keep in mind that a neutral colour palette will certainly be more appropriate for a small bathroom, rather than a chromatically busy one.

3. Functionality should always come first

In your particular case, you want to make sure that each piece in your bathroom as a functional purpose, besides the aesthetic one. If you are unsure what elements you should include in your remodel, ask your contractor for advice. Most certainly their experience will allow them to make pertinent suggestions. As a general rule, you must include small baskets, jars and use even the small space under the sink in order to increase the available space. The rest should be your contractor’s concern. This is why experts advise choosing carefully your contractors.

4. Add mirrors and good lighting

If you want to create the illusion of a larger space, you must include large mirrors and plenty of intelligent lighting sources. The light will be reflected by the mirrors and this will create the illusion of a larger room.

These four tricks are widely used by experts across the world, in order to maximise the available space in rather small rooms, bathrooms included. Choose your contractors carefully and start your own bathroom remodelling process.