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Five Reasons To Switch To Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas


Nowadays, there are more bespoke adhesive suppliers and manufacturers up and down the UK than ever before. Which is not difficult to understand given the way there are also more businesses, brands, organisations and private customers looking to purchase such products than ever before. Why? Well, put simply, we’re moving into an era when bespoke adhesive products can effectively take the place of most traditional bonding methods. Even in the instance of heavy duty welding, there are right now custom adhesive products available that can bond almost any materials across the board more reliably, securely, affordably and quickly than traditional methods.

Nonetheless, it’s the country’s most capable 3M Tape convertors that are finding themselves in most demand. The reason is that there are so many incredible advantages to making the switch to adhesive tape that go beyond almost all other kinds of joining method. It naturally comes down to your particular needs and work environment, but in general if the option is there, switching to adhesive tape could make a huge difference to the way you work.

So if pressure-sensitive adhesive tape could be an option for your business, here is a short overview of a few of its biggest advantages:

Save Time

First up comes the way there is perhaps no easier kind of adhesive product to use than the bespoke adhesive tape. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have ever come across pressure-sensitive tape of any type, you will already know precisely how they work and how to make use of them. Which not only makes the matter so much easier and faster to go about, but also has a positive impact on overall safety and wellbeing. Custom adhesive products can be made exceptionally safe, but in general there’s nothing safer to handle, store or use than a custom adhesive tape.

Complete Customisation

Speaking of custom products, it is also worth bearing in mind that customisation choice when it comes to pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is quite literally endless. It is no longer a case of scrutinising the available products and looking for something that will fit your needs. Instead, it is a case of thinking about each and every one of your requirements, before taking this list to a recognised supplier and having them produce precisely the product you require on your behalf. And when a product is ordered specifically for purpose, it’s inherently going to be more efficient, effective and more affordable.

Minimise Equipment

Also worth bearing in mind is the way when you use a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of any type, this in general tends to be the sole equipment you will need. When using almost any other joining method – including traditional adhesive products – it’s often necessary to also make use of a variety of other equipment and tools to get the job done. This in turn can not only make the job more time consuming and more complicated, but also more expensive to complete. Therefore, the advantages of switching to a quality pressure-sensitive adhesive tape are clear.

Supreme Flexibility

In cases where some degree of flexibility is needed, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is able to tick all the right boxes. The thickness and material of the tape itself could be customised in an endless variety of ways, which means that whatever it takes to get the job done will be a realistic prospect. Even in cases where bespoke adhesives are able to deliver some flexibility, they really can’t be compared to pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

Extreme Durability

The same is also true for durability, as the types of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape on the market today can be produced durable enough for practically any purpose whatsoever. Even in the instance of the most demanding industrial project, there’s a perfect pressure-sensitive tape out there that will get the job done.


Last up, when compared to traditional bonding methods and mechanical fixings, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape could be exponentially lighter. In general, anything that can save or reduce weight when it comes to producing pretty much anything is considered a great thing. In the instance of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, such products could be produced in a way that makes them weigh almost nothing, which could make a great difference in any case where weight could be a concern or an issue.