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How to Create an Indoor Herb Garden

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Are you looking for a way to make your food look and taste more delicious? Then you should know that there’s no other effective and affordable way to achieve that than by using fresh herbs. However, during the cold months of the year it’s difficult to find fresh and flavorful herbs on the market. Think about creating an indoor garden to plant your favorite herbs and follow these tips if you want to get started.

Carefully choose your herbs

When designing an indoor garden in your kitchen, terrace or other room in the house, you should first decide on what types of herbs should belong in your small herb garden. Some types of herbs have different needs. For instance, oregano, basil, thyme and parsley grow best when they get 6 hours of sun per day, while rosemary, peppermint, chives can be planted anywhere as they require minimal light. What’s important for you to know is that it’s not recommended to plant all of your herbs in one pot, because as we’ve mentioned earlier, some require more light or water than others, so this way you risk to compromise the garden’s ability to produce fresh and aromatic herbs.

Use LED grow lights to provide a real boost for your herbs

As long as you choose the most brightest and well-lighted room in your apartment or house to create a small indoor garden, everything should go smoothly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Unless you are living in an area where you benefit from the heat and light of the sun, it’s challenging to provide the sufficient amount of light and heat for your plants to grow. Your best solution would be to use LED grow lights to provide your plants with the heat and perfect light that they need so much. The best part about using LED grow lights in an indoor garden is the fact that you can manage to have fresh herbs even during winter, when there’s minimal light from outside.

How to take care of your herbs

First you must make sure that the gardening soil is light and has a good drainage. This is why it’s important to buy potting soil and not use soil from your garden or yard. You also need to make sure that the fertilizer is store-bought and specially made for these types of plants, as indoor herbs require a different fertilization program. Lastly, to prevent pests from damaging your plants, use a soapy spray at the first signs and use your hands to pick any pests that you can see.

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