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How to Design a Rustic Kitchen

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Rustic style always brings our attention back to the natural beauty of things, a true mirror of simplicity, but one full of energy and authentic elegance. For those who want to take a break from modernism and technology, the rustic decor is the perfect choice. If you do not want to remodel your entire house, then you can design one room in such an original way. To inspire you, here are some ideas and tips on how to design a rustic kitchen.

Consider refurbishing old furniture

A rustic decor can be easily achieved, especially as it allows you to reuse the furniture and accessories you already have in your house. Moreover, refurbishing old furniture is already an easy way to make some money savings and recycle your household furniture. So consider using what you already own in your house, such as old wood cabinets, which represent a central part of the decor.

Choice of materials

Wood, stone, metal, and natural fibers are present in almost all rustic kitchens. Wood however is the most popular material because it’s functional and can make your kitchen look very comfy and relaxed, which is something you’re looking to achieve when designing a rustic kitchen. If functional, old wooden furniture will fit perfectly into such an arrangement. You can get a new look by painting, sanding or changing the upholstery. Wood cabinets are also present in a rustic kitchen as you can store all of your spices, plates and cutlery, so that you have everything within your reach.

Back to basics

A rustic kitchen is distinguished by natural finishes, similar to the countryside kitchens: hardwood floors and wooden ceiling beams. Usually, the walls are painted in a warm shade of yellow, in earthy shades or covered with rustic pottery. A rustic kitchen includes many elements that are present in the nature (fruits, vegetables, herbs etc.), which are highlighted in clear glass vases or are kept in view in wicker baskets or other natural fibers.

Add accessories

Accessories can improve the look of any room in your house, as long as you make sure to choose accessories in the same theme. If you want to stick with a rustic style, you can accessorize your beautiful rustic kitchen with comfy rugs, woolen textiles and carved mirrors. If you want to take it a step further you can add a fireplace in the kitchen, if space allows. Moreover, don’t forget to add a rustic-inspired pot rack, which is a must-have in any rustic kitchen.

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