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How to get unique home décor items

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Many people like to get inspiration for their homes, but nobody wants to copy other people’s houses completely. You have to make the living space your own, combine trends and ideas until you get something that suits your idea of the perfect house. Whether you choose to take inspiration from magazines, blogs or Pinterest, there are countless combinations that you can create. From the vintage shabby chic to the Scandinavian minimalism, you can find yourself in many trends, but what can you do to let your personality show through and avoid clichés? If you’re the kind of homeowner who hates buying the same items as everyone else, here’s how you can get trendsetting decorations.

Make your own designs

If you are crafty and don’t mind spending a couple of hours using a sewing machine, then you should try making your own décor items. For example, if you buy an advanced sewing machine such as the Singer Quantum Stylist you can create one of a kind curtains, pillow cases, table cloths and handtowels. This sewing machine is a great example, because it has over 600 stitches that include alpha-numeric characters, so you can sew names or messages. It does have a learning curve to it, but if you have the time, interest and patience, you can create wonderful things.

Support independent sellers

When decorating a house, it can be quite tempting to buy everything from Ikea or large department stores, but in the end you will have a house that will resemble hundreds of others. Besides, the quality of mass-produced items can be quite questionable, so investing in handmade items from independent sellers is worth it. To support designers and create a unique look for your home, you can shop from Etsy stores or go to small local shops. You never know what hidden treasures you may find there!

Look for vintage items at flea markets

Flea markets might not sound very glamorous, but they are actually a source of beautiful time pieces. If you love genuine vintage home décor, not just items that look old, you should definitely have a look around your local flea markets on a Sunday morning. You can find wonderful little things, such as vintage metal mirrors, hardwood furniture, silver cutlery and more, and spend just a few dollars.

Recycle old items

Taking items from your parents’ or grandparents’ house doesn’t sound too great, but it’s an excellent idea if you want to add a personal touch to your own house. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to go for the “aged” look. Just pick a few symbolic items that are worth passing on. These can be anywhere from family portraits to luxury vases or sets of crystal glassware. Last, but not least, reconsider before throwing away things. One of the biggest trends in interior design today is to take old, broken items and give them new life and a new purpose. Once again, Pinterest and home décor blogs are the biggest sources of inspiration.


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