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Luxury master bedrooms have wood burning stoves

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

Are you building your dream home? Do you want to create a luxurious oasis where to retreat every night? Then the key element to designing a luxury bedroom is to add a wood burning stove. It does not matter if you are remodelling, sprucing up or building your master bedroom, you can add character to the space with the help of a stove. And where you count that a fire source will enhance the aesthetic of the space and will increase the resale value of the entire property.  This article will offer you some guidance lines on how to include the stove in the design of the bedroom. Many people prefer to install it in the living room or kitchen, but for a more stylish design, you can take it a step further and play with the elements you include in your bedroom.

Work with subtle lines

If you want to add dimension to the room, you can place the wood stove below the TV. It will help you create a cosy atmosphere during the cold nights of winter. If you want to keep it almost unnoticed, you can install around it some offset shelves and a rustic mantel. Work with the design features of the house when you install the wood burning stove.

Obtain a maximum effect

If you want the wood burning stove to stand out in the design of the bedroom, you should tile or paint the space surrounding it. It will attract attention towards it. This trick is perfect for the bedrooms that feature multiple windows. Choose all-black window castings and black stove tile, it will make the space look modern and sleek.

Make the stove the central element of the room

If you are building the bedroom from scratch, you should decide where you want to install the wood or gas stove, and decorate the rest of the room in accordance with it. A good alternative to wood burning stoves is gas stoves, for the persons who do not want to spend time in bringing the woods indoors. 

Create a cosy and warm space

If you want to create a cosy atmosphere with the help of the stove, you can flank it with bookshelves. This design is perfect for the persons who want to design the bedroom in a classic style. You can build your own bookshelves, even if they will have an un-finished look, they will enhance the aesthetics of the room. The latest design trends promote DIY furniture for bedrooms. If you are the type of person who likes to read all night long, the fire from the stove will create a warm light, and you will get in the mood for diving into the story.

Integrate the stove in the design of the bedroom

If you love lines, you will want all the elements you place in the bedroom to be symmetrically aligned. You will find disturbing the stove to be placed higher than the rest of the furniture items. Choose a low-lying one, place it under a wall-mounted TV. Use wood panels to give personality to the ceiling.