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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted by Categories: Kitchen

A properly designed kitchen has minimal clutter and maximum functionality. If you are planning to design a modern kitchen, you should definitely keep this mind as you choose the furniture pieces, appliances or decorations for the space. You can discover some ideas for your next remodeling project by reading this article below.

Simple forms

When designing a modern kitchen, it’s crucial to keep the decor as minimal as possible, in order to highlight the pieces of furniture and exquisite appliances. If you want to achieve a classic yet modern design, choose simple pieces of furniture in square or round shapes but pay attention to what material and fabrics you choose for your furniture and the few decor items like curtains and rugs. Wood is a popular choice for a modern kitchen but glass can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen setting. As for kitchen appliances, put quality ahead of looks and settle for stainless steel appliances that are both functional and durable.


Most modern kitchens can be equipped with the latest technology equipment and components that distinguish them from ordinary kitchens. Make sure to choose appliances that are well-constructed and have a modern design. For instance, if space allows, you can install a spacious french door refrigerator that comes with the latest features and innovations in terms of design and storage options. In addition to choosing a refrigerator as the main focal point of your kitchen, you can also choose other indispensable appliances like a dishwasher or a double oven to increase the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen.


Since the space in the kitchen is optimized there are no longer present decorative elements with purely aesthetic values. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch, make a plan ahead and choose a layout that you think might benefit you. For instance, you can choose a L-shaped layout or an U-shaped kitchen layout where you can arrange your cabinets in a more efficient manner. By choosing a L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen layout you can keep your kitchen more organized and neat.

Create a welcoming appearance

The kitchen by definition induces the idea of a welcoming and comfortable space. It’s after all the place where you spend the majority of your time. Even if you choose a modern design for your kitchen, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some elements of comfort in the room. Besides adding the basic decorative items: decorative cushions, rugs etc you can also consider building a small bar in your kitchen, where you can receive your guests and make them feel more comfortable.

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