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Obtaining that airy, modern design in just a few steps

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Depending on your interior design tastes, you’ve probably thought a lot about what’s suitable for the house you own. Well, one thing is for sure: clean, airy houses are something one should strive for. No matter the style you are selecting, airiness and free space is one of the things that will make you feel comfortable in your home. A lot of furniture randomly placed in a room will create some kind of tension and will give you the impression that the room is never tidy. This happens because you are overcrowding the free space in each room of your house. Keeping everything organized and as simple as possible will help you manage your house better. Maintaining this once you finally achieved the airiness you strived for is even more difficult. Follow the tips in this article for obtaining the tidiest, modern-looking design at all times.

Start by sorting out things

If you already know that your house is filled with things you no longer need, but don’t want to throw away or sell either, immediately start looking for storage units Surrey. Freeing up space is one thing you cannot avoid. Airiness comes from not keeping all the stuff you don’t use on a daily basis in the middle of your room or in crowded drawers. Start by selecting things you want to get rid of completely, then things that you’d like to store away, then things that are required at home. After you’ve done all the sorting, start by carefully placing the things you decided to keep in their right places. Do not leave anything outside of its storage space to maintain the airy look.


In terms of furniture, you have to remain very simple and keep only the necessary furniture items in a room. If you have furniture items that you never use and they simply waste space, get rid of them. Opt for minimalistic furniture in case you want to obtain the modern look. Yet, for more traditional-looking houses, try to look for furniture that matches, and keep in mind not to exaggerate with how many items you bring in.


Layering is important for obtaining an airy design. You will want to go for subtle colors combined with prints, stripes and other types of graphics to boost visual interest to a certain point. Try keeping the ambiance of each room cohesive and calm. This can be achieved by layering complementary tones and patterns. Colors can be successfully used to create the impression of an open space, along with mirrors.

Natural lights

When colors are combined with great natural lighting, the result will be more than stunning. If you managed to properly maintain the rooms tidy, then you can enjoy a beautiful morning, sun shining outside, reflecting in the squeaky clean, airy interior of your house. What could be more pleasuring than enjoying your coffee in such ambiance? Put a little bit patience and time into it and you won’t regret your decisions in the future.