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Outdoor tent weddings – yes or no?

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

The wedding venue industry may be dominated by restaurants, but that doesn’t mean that only this option is available. In fact, outdoor tended weddings are emerging as a fresh, creative take on wedding venues, with more and more couples choosing this location over the traditional restaurant. Looking at several pictures, this transition is not difficult to understand: nature and the outdoors inspire peace, relaxation and give you much more freedom. However, like anything else, this option is not for everyone and there are both pros and cons that you should consider.

Catering freedom and variety

When planning an outdoor tent wedding, you have to work with a catering company such as Cameo Event Hire to get all the essentials: furniture, lighting, decorations, cutlery and so on. This is the perfect opportunity of you as a couple to choose whichever catering supplies you want, without being forced to accept the ones imposed to you by the restaurant. For example, if you want light blue linens and rustic chairs you can simply ask the catering company to hire them and they will assist you right away. Restaurants usually have a limited number of options that you may not necessarily like.

You have more thematic options

A wedding tent doesn’t have any restrictions in terms of theme. You can transform it however you want and apply which theme you like, without having to work with an existing décor. In the case of restaurants, this can be very hard to do, because they already have a specific style that might not match your theme.

Watch out for the weather

Outdoor weddings are charming and beautiful. The lighting for wedding photography is better, the setting is so much more interesting and the atmosphere is magical…unless it rains. When setting the date of your wedding, there’s no way to know whether or not it will rain, so this is a big risk, especially in countries like the UK, where it rains unexpectedly almost every day.

More vendors to work with

Once you decide on a tent as a wedding venue, you need to be prepared to talk to a lot of vendors and service providers. Restaurants usually take it upon themselves to organize various wedding aspects, but, if you rent a tent, you’re responsible for everything: food, floral arrangements, table decorations, music, everything. One way that you can avoid all the stress and chaos is to hire a wedding planner.

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