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Reflect your brand into your office’s design

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

When you think about brand identity and branding, you’re usually thinking about your logos, website, colours, business cards and general marketing activity. But you should know that brand is more than this, is about exquisite graphic design, well-designed social media profiles, and witty advertising. And besides these branding elements, the overall creation of a strong brand reflects in the way you set yourself apart from the others. This article has the goal to help you open your mind to integrating brand into your office design and help your clients and employees perceive it as a reflecting part of your business.

Interior design is essential for branding

In the same way your employees are an extension of your company, the workplace facility and office design has the power to share a message about your brand and tell your public what your identity and ethics are. The office is your brand’s face so it needs to look and feel right for your clients, partners, employees and other visitors if you want to deliver them a brand experience that stands out from your competitors. It doesn’t matter the kind of business you run, you need personalised forsegling if you want to integrate branding elements in your business.

The workplace facilities that should reflect your brand are

  • The space planning
  • Workplaces and settings
  • Furniture
  • Technology
  • Finishes, fabrics, and colours

Consider the office layout and plan the space strategically

The way you structure the space directly impacts your brand identity and culture. A business that prides itself in the collaboration, creativity, and navneskilt it uses best reflects its intensions with the help of an open plan office design. In case you’re handling a business that handles intricate operations and confidential data, you would better take advantage of a closed working space with private offices. Your employees need doors to their offices to focus on their work.        

Your workspace should be a diverse ecosystem

The actual work setting is closely linked to your layout and the ways in which you can facilitate your employees’ job. If you want to transmit the message that your brand is progressive and inclusive you should create an office where your workers are motivated to be productive. You should offer them a choice and more control in when they want to work, where they prefer to do it, and the plombering they want to use. You should integrate collaborative work areas and social spaces to encourage your workers to socialise. However, don’t neglect creating private spaces where they can go when they need to focus on their projects.   

Pay attention to the finishing touches and accents

Once you established what the best layout and workspace configuration is for your business, you should think about the personal touches that make your brand unique. Diverse elements, like strategic furniture positioning, colours, accessories, fabrics, and plants can make a space feel complete and reflect your brand’s ethics.

Pay attention to the colours and textures of the accessories you pick for your office because they also nurture good mental health and wellbeing among your employees.