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Ribbons – how to give the nursery a unique touch

Posted by Categories: Kitchen

Every couple that has recently gotten married and moved to a new, bigger house starts thinking of the many ways in which they can decorate the nursery room. They want the room to look perfect and to create the right environment in which a child can grow. They hire designers to help them decorate but in some cases the result is not the one parents expect. In case you want to decorate the nursery the way you want, with polka dot ribbon and some imagination, everything can become possible. You can read some great ideas below so you can find your inspiration.

Coloured lampshades

Lampshades are quite useful in the nursery room, especially when the child is older and starts to be scared of the dark. Adding a lampshade in their room will make them feel more relaxed and sleep better, knowing that there is no monster under their bed as long as the light is on. Use some polka dot ribbons if you want or any other material, pattern, colour you or your child likes, and design a unique lampshade.


Another way to bring a unique and amazing aspect to the nursery room is to choose ribbons instead of curtains. Stand out from the crowd and choose to place ribbons of different colours and sizes at the windows in the nursery room. You can tie them directly onto the curtain rod, thus creating a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Your girls will definitely love hiding behind this coloured curtain.


All flowers are beautiful, this is for sure, but in the case of decorating the nursery room, adding too many flowers might not be a good idea, since accidents might happen in this room. In case you still want some flowers in the children’s room, you can opt for some that you have made them yourself. Use some grosgrain ribbons of various colours and create a ball-shape out of them. Take a flowerpot that you no longer use, apply a coat of fresh paint on it and connect it to the ribbon ball using a stick. In order to make it look more realistic, you can paint the stick in green. Make even more of these if you want. You can use them to decorate other rooms of your house too.


It is commonly known that children like to stay and play on the floor. This is the reason why parents should pay great attention when choosing the rug for the nursery room. It has to be soft and confortable enough in order to be perfect for children’s room. However, in case you do not find the right rug on the market or you simply want to personalize the room even more, you can choose to design the rug yourself. Take some ribbons and embark on a do-it-yourself project right away.

Regardless of the way in which you use these ribbons, it is highly important to choose some good quality ones in order to benefit from the best results. Do some research online and find the best online store that provides the ribbons you need.

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