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Shabby Chic Interior Designs

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Shabby chic is the embodiment of delicacy and elegance, consisting of vintage elements combined in the most beautiful way. This interior design is filled with romantic details like pastels and floral prints and it brings a vintage air in homes of people who like the old elegance of Parisian bourgeoisie. Although it’s an old style that consists mostly of worn pieces of furniture and decorations, shabby chic can still be integrated into modern homes either through several items or through a complete interior that can include the benefits of modern technology. Therefore, if you like this interior design, you can use it carelessly if you know how to play with the shabby chic details.

    • You can easily create a shabby chic kitchen using some details that characterize this style, like the white old furniture, the light shades of pink, and the rose prints. In this kitchen, the shabby chic accents are present in every item starting with the white furniture with peeled-off paint and all the way to the dishes painted with floral prints. The crystal chandelier that lightens the room from above is the ultimate elegance touch that you can add to a kitchen decorated in the shabby chic style.
    • The shabby chic interior design can be used in any room of your house, from the hallway top the bedroom, so you can easily think of a living room decorated in this style. The idea we have chosen includes all the specific details of this style, such as the white wooden furniture, the rose prints on the fabrics and decorations, and the pale shades used as accents of colors. Again, the overall design has been enhanced by delicate lamps decorated with crystals and silk lampshades.
    • This home office idea is perfect for those who like the shabby chic style but prefer a more modern approach. The white furniture is still present, but with more modern touches and the shabby chic accents have been transformed into a more current style that can match the tastes of both men and women. Although the rosy details are no longer present, this home office remains shabby through its simplicity.
  • If you dream of a princess bedroom, the shabby chic style will fit you like a glove. This version is a genuine example of a shabby chic bedroom, with delicate white furniture, pastel accents on the walls and decorations, and feminine touches like the bed ruffles and the veil curtain.

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