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Smart Tricks for Making a Small Apartment Seem Bigger

Posted by Categories: Home Ideas

If you live in a studio or your apartment has small rooms you will inevitably feel the need to create more space. Fortunately, with a few tricks, you can make the room look bigger and more spacious. Through some changes related to the choice of colors, arrangement of furniture, lighting and more we can create the impression of space.

Carefully choose the furniture

To create the illusion of size, there are a few tricks in terms of furniture. One is to use glass and transparent materials. A glass coffee tables, that has frames made of metal or wood, will make it appear that the object itself is taller. For the living room, choose chairs instead of sofas and try to choose for the upholstery complementary colors and no patterns. The stripes, dots, patterns or very colorful wallpaper or decoration items can make a room look even more crowded or narrowed than it already is, while a uniform color or combinations of pastel colors are pleasing to the eye and create a good mood. Instead of furniture that has several drawers, choose shelves that are attached to your walls, so that the room will seem much taller. In the bottom shelves you can put wicker baskets so that you can store all of your small appliances and personal items.

Furniture arrangement

If you already have the TV in the living room, two or three chairs, a coffee table and two bookcases, the room looks already full. Yet it is possible, by placing furniture in a way, to create the impression of space. The bookcase can sit near the entrance, because it’s the largest object in the house, so it’s the first thing you see when entering the room. Let natural light to enter the room and make the space brighter, so avoid placing furniture near the window.

Brighten the room

Any room will look more spacious if it’s well lit either by natural or artificial light. Get rid of heavy curtains and opaque blinds. If you have shutters in the room, don’t forget to open them first thing in the morning, so that natural light can enter. Although they are more practical, blinds do not look good in a small apartment, but in offices and public spaces. Choose a sheer curtain or a dark colored curtain that will keep the sun away in the mornings when you want to sleep more. Besides adding a chandelier, put a few lamps in the room to make the room brighter.

Add a few mirrors

The mirror can also give the impression that a room is larger, especially if it is large: it will reflect the whole room and you have the illusion of a larger room. Maybe you do not like the idea to hang mirrors on the walls, but they can make the space more spacious. Instead of a painting, hang a beautifully framed mirror. You can also choose a wardrobe with sliding window doors. The light and space that are reflected in it can create the illusion of more space.

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