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Smart ways to improve your décor using ribbon

Posted by Categories: Kitchen

From time to time, making a change in your interior design is necessary, if you want to keep the overall décor looking appealing and unique. However, purchasing on the regular expensive decorations, or replacing furniture items is not possible for everyone’s budget. Well, if you are willing to use your DIY skills, there is a decorative supply that will allow you to create beautiful pieces for your interior design without having to spend a fortune, and the projects are also quite simple to complete. Ribbon has become a popular decorative accessory not only for the festive season, but for everyday interior elements as well, if you know how to incorporate it properly in your décor. Here are a few ways you can do so:    

Ribbon wall art

Yes, you are able to create some unconventional, attention-grabbing wall art pieces just by using ribbon scraps. All you have to do is cut small pieces of ribbons, in various patterns or colours, and glue them onto a white piece of paper, creating either a gematrical design or an abstract one, depending on your personal preferences. The market offers you tartan ribbon UK, and many other beautiful options, so you will certainly find what you need to design this type of wall art. 

Hang wall décor items

You probably have numerous wall decorative items designed to be hung up around your home, an if you don’t, these are very affordable to purchase. To give them even a more appealing visual effect, instead of using just the traditional nails, hang them using some ribbon bows also. This is probably the simplest trick to add instant chicness.

Curled ribbon curtain

If you have a small window somewhere in the house, finding an appropriate curtain for it might seem difficult. Well, why not create one yourself? Cut straps of ribbon of a suitable length, then curl each one, and tie them around a curtain pole. You will certainly love the effect created.

Giving your interior design a fresh, new touch might make your believe you need to spend quite a lot of money. However, if you have a few basic DIY skills and some beautiful ribbons at your disposal you can create numerus attention-grabbing décor elements, as you are able to see from the ideas mentioned above. Just go online and purchase the right supplies – you will find plenty of amazing ribbon options – and let your imagination run free. Besides these few creative ideas, you can come up with many others on your own.