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Tips to craft your own curtains

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When you browse through the pages of a magazine you are amazed by the way the curtains transform the look of a room. They have the power to change the aesthetics of the house and to offer it the vibe you want your home to have. The majority of stores sell only fabric, but you are the one who has to customize it according to your needs. But if you buy a house, and you do not want to spend a lot of money on decorating it, then you should look for ways how to save money. One idea would be to craft yourself the majority of the decorations you want to use. Curtains do not require a lot of work, and you can make it by yourself, you only need the fabric and some ideas. You have to know how to sew a straight line, and check online for the fabric you want to use.

Determine the yardage of fabric you need

Before you place an order for tulle ribbon you should determine the yardage you need, because if you want to add drama to your house, then you should add curtains from ceiling to the floor. It is advisable to buy more fabric, because you will have to make the bottom and top hems. Check the width of the fabric, and measure the windows, in case you want to close the curtains.

How to sew the curtains

When you start to sew the curtains you should measure the fabric for each one of the panels. It is not important to be exact, because if there is any fabric left, it will add more drama on the floor of the room. In case you have to cut the fabric, you should use a mat and a rotary cutter. When you have to sew the sides of the fabric, you should use an iron, because it will guide you. You can use some pins to hold the sides.

How to arrange the curtains

Before you finish your sewing project, you should hang the curtains to see if they flow on the floor. If you do not have pets, then you can let the fabric to pool on the floor, but if you have a furry friend, then it is important to sew them to floor length. Animals have the tendency to sit on curtains, or if you have a cat, she will damage them trying to climb on them. According to your needs you will decide upon the length of the curtains.