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Tuscan Garden Design

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All of us would like to have a nice garden where we can just relax and read a good book. Don’t you yet have one, but you are planning to create the garden of your dreams? If so, then for some inspiration you must have a look at the following Tuscan garden design, which is one of the most beautiful designs.

Go for a fountain

Fountains are without a doubt extremely beautiful and they add a mysterious touch to an outdoor landscape. They also transform a boring place into a spectacular one. If you go for Tuscan, then you must go for a fountain, without a doubt. Hopefully, you will have a large garden in order to choose a big fountain. If not, then a small one will be good as well. However, the main idea is to have one, no matter the size.

Create paved paths

A Tuscan garden must definitely have paved paths. Therefore, make sure that you create them. Instead of grassy areas you should create pavements, paved patios or paved paths. Depending on the space you have you can create all of them or just a small paved path. These details are essential when creating such a design.

Place a statue as well

You won’t see an Italian garden without a statue. Plenty of models are available on the market, and you should go for one that it is to your liking. Just make sure that you will have one in your new garden.

Mediterranean plants must not miss

A Tuscan garden design certainly involves Mediterranean plants. Salvias, lavender, rosemary and olive trees should be on your list when you start to create your garden. They are very easy to grow and they are essential for such a design. Do not go only for in-ground plants, go for some potted ones as well. Colored flowering plants could be another fantastic option as well. Red Hibiscus or California poppy are amazing choices.

Choose minor design elements

In order to complete your décor, you should choose some minor design elements yet very beautiful. Some small terracotta urns will look spectacular in your garden. If you have some groupings of plants, then place the decorations among them. By putting into practice all these simple yet effective ideas, you can be sure that you will achieve your goal. You will obtain a beautiful garden where you will feel amazing every time you step into it.

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