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What to do when your house just won’t sell?

Posted by Categories: Kitchen

Whether you are relocating to a new country or you have bought a new house just a few streets away from your old house, when it comes to the process of finding a buyer for your old property, it might be a real challenge which gives you hard times because sometimes, depending on the market trends, no matter what you try there is still no interested person calling you to come and see the property. it is surely really annoying especially when you are in a hurry because of the fact that you are moving and you want to get rid of the stress of paying more taxes for a property which you do not even live in. read below what are your best options when you have been trying to sell your house for a long time but still did not succeed.

Change your real estate agent

A professional real estate agent who has all the necessary skills and knowledge about the market and how to sell your house for the best price should not be the problem which is making your house stay for sale for too long. He or she should be able to find the best offer from the potential buyers and help you get rid of your old property without you having to stress about it too much. However, if you have been working with a real estate agent right from the beginning but still did not succeeded in finding a buyer for your old house, you should consider finding another one. Sell your house quickly using an estate agent who knows exactly what the buyers are looking for.

Lower the price to under market value

The idea of lowering the price of the property which you are trying to sell might not sound like the most satisfying one. However, if you really wish to get rid of the stress this selling has put you through and to find a buyer as fast as possible, you should consider selling it for less than the market value. You should be aware that when your house won’t sell, you still have to pay taxes and facilities bills even if you are not living there anymore, so lowering the price a little bit might be in fact more advantageous than to keep the house until a potential buyer will appear. Also, you should consider using a property buying company such as Quick Buy Sell Houses which can buy your house fast in cash and help you get rid of the headaches the selling process is giving you.

Try renting it

Renting your old house might not be exactly what you had in mind at the beginning when you have decided to move to a new property. However, if you have tried everything but for various reasons you still did not find a buyer for the house, you should consider renting it as well because the monthly rent you will get will be more advantageous than paying a negative cash flow every month for a vacant house.