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Why Toyota Tundra is a perfect car

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Toyota is well-known for their qualitative cars and innovative designs. They continue to amaze the world with great, affordable models that everyone should at least try once in their lives. For instance, Toyota Tundra makes the driving experience seem perfectly enjoyable and safe at the same time. Why? Edmunds opinion on the Toyota Tundra is that a used car like this will give you the same quality and power as a new one would. That is how resistant in time Toyota cars are and this is why you shouldn’t spend a fortune on a new one given the fact that you can obtain the same expected results from a previous owned car. Here are the main features and specs of the Tundra wonder on wheels:


The 4-doors Tundra will meet your every expectation on a powerful, big sized car. With room for five passengers and a strong engine this car will give you an experience you will definitely not forget. With a cruising range of 494 and an EPA fuel economy of 18 this car will help you remain under budget. Its price is actually extremely affordable for what this car is able to offer and fuel won’t be an issue while you drive it. The fuel tank capacity goes up to 38 and the location of it is mid ship, making it safer for you to drive.


The engine is the main attraction of a Tundra. With its 5.7l regular unleaded V8 engine it can reach up to 381 horse power at 5600 RPM which is a huge value for a midrange car. The fuel system is fully sequential MPI and it is upgraded with a regular duty engine oil cooler. Regarding the net torque, this car will go up to 401 at 3500 RPM.

Transmission and suspension

The drivetrain of the new Tundra is rear wheel drive which will make driving comfortable on rough terrain. The transmission type is 6, automatic without OD. The ratios for each gear are ideal. When talking about suspension, a double wishbone with leaf type on the rear will make you feel like you are piloting a plane instead on driving on dirt.


This car is designed for heavy duty. When talking about safety, it couldn’t get better: an electronic stability control device, along with ABS and side impact beams will protect you in case of an accident. A back-up camera and the parking sensors will help you park easily this monster car.